Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cultural Lunch

This past Saturday was the AIESEC Chandigarh Cultural Lunch.  From 12 pm to 4:30 pm a world of cultures and flavours was thrown into the  mixing pot, with some Panjabi spices of course.

"AIESEC Chandigarh is organizing Cultural Lunch for all its international trainees to give them an oppurtunity to showcase their culture, aswell as take a sneak peak into the various cultural backgrounds in India.

All international trainees were invited the event, participants dressed in their national clothes and the brought along cuisine prepared from their home country so that everyone could dig in to taste the world of flavor present here in Chandigarh."

The Lunch even got some coverage in the local news:

Chandigarh, July 30
The local chapter of AIESEC organised a cross-cultural lunch for people from 30 different countries in the city. Members from Russia, China, Ukraine, Poland, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, turkey, Germany, New Zealand and many other countries relished Indian food.
They came dressed in their country’s traditional attire. They danced to various numbers. AIESEC members ensured that the foreigners got the taste of Indian culture and food.

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