Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh Man! Going to Muscat!

For anyone getting a visa for the summer in India, be aware that August 15th is Independence Day.  Not knowing this, I was given a 2.5 month working visa valid until... August 15th.  Until recently, I was planning on getting a one week extension so that I could fly to Mumbai and spend 5 days with the AIESEC India National Team before heading to the International Conference in Kenya.  Unfortunately, a trip to Delhi during office hours would be necessary to process the paperwork, and with only 2 weeks left in Chandigarh, I'm not willing to give up the opportunity cost of a day at school.  I will however squeeze in a trip to Agra on the last weekend before departing.

So, what to do?

Google says it looks pretty good.
Go visit Rafael Pilliard Hellwig in Muscat, Oman! I honestly never thought I would go to Oman, but am now super keen.  Entry visa can be obtained at the airport for up to a one month stay for about $15 CAN.  Oman is about halfway to Kenya from Delhi, and the cost of the Delhi-Muscat-Nairobi flight is only $40 different from the Delhi-Mumbai-Nairobi trip.

Flight is booked, accommodation confirmed, airport pick up confirmed, sunscreen packed.

I will start putting together my to-do list Oman Edition! 


  1. See you soon, bud!

  2. I may or may not be green eyed monster jealous! India, Oman AND Kenya.
    Yea, I'll be here... working!
    You're going to have so much fun!!

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