Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Regional Conference Epic

The first of its Kind in India.

I had the pleasure of being an International Facilitator of AIESEC India's Northeastern Summer Regional Conference.

For those who were there, you were part of an incredible experience that has my mind still deep in reflection about myself, our organization and the power of 150 high potential leaders collecting their minds over 3 intensive days in paradise.

A sincere thank you to the those who are proud to let me be a part of their AIESEC experience, I truly hope you live your words and realize your dreams. Thank you to the one who will provide belief if ever mine takes a vacation, words that resonate in my mind.  I now appreciate the difference between giving up and giving in, two very distinct concepts that I promise to share further.

This was the first AIESEC conference that I feel refreshed coming back from, emotionally and physically. Thank you to the Member Committee of AIESEC India, the Local's and Int'ls Facilitator Team, the AIESEC members who are so eager to learn, and the international delegates who took the plunge. 

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