Monday, July 11, 2011

Pink Fort

Here are some highlights from a weekend trip to Jaipur, best known for a superabundant variety of forts and the area known as 'the Pink City'.

We arrived around 2 am in Jaipur after 7 intensive days of AIESEC conference action, therefore the only thing to do was to get up at 8:30 am on Canada day and make a move to attack this fort city.  I'm not going to go into tireless detail about the different forts and their history, and their secrets ;) but I will do a photo blog recap!

Amber Fort, Home to some 250 secret stories
Jaigarh Fort, Overlooking all of Jaipur

Delicious Dinner and Entertainment at Chokhi Dhani

Very Illegal View from Nahagarh Fort

Hawa Mahal, Nice View but the Lighting wasn't great.
Sunset on the City Palace, Goodnight Maharaja

We managed to hit Amber, Jaigarh and Nahagarh in about 8 hours on the first day.  We then proceeded to shut the club down 'Canada-Day-Style' until early the next morning.  We got a slow start to the second day and headed straight for the Pink City.  We definitely missed out on Jantar Mantar, which was too bad.  It closes at 4:30 pm.  Not to rain on the king's parade, but city palace was a let down.  Too expensive and not enough cool-factor.  The second night we hit up Chokhi Dahni, which is an epic little Rajastan themed village. For 400 rupees you get access and inside is similar to Oktoberfest (minus the abundant beverages).  You can ride a camel or an elephant or a donkey or whatever you'd like there for super cheap.  Late night we caught a bus out of Jaipur. 

All in all a must see city in India, quite spectacular.

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