Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How about Indian Food Tonight? Basic Lingo.

Okay foodies, get some napkins, because this post is going to be delicious.  I am going to say it straight up, if you don't like Indian food, you don't know happiness.  The flavours here are so rich and distinct that they make Donald Trump look like your Uncle Lawrence.  Yeah, the one who you don't hear from much, the one who watches wheel of fortune and aspires to be an earthworm farmer.  That Uncle Lawrence.

Here are some words you will need to know to unlock the gateway to taste bud Vegas:

Aloo - One of your common vegetables - but you won't find these potatoes frenched and fried.  Often used as a stuffing in other dishes, like parantha's or samosa's, and spiced with turmeric..

Gobi - Another common vegetable, Cauliflower is often spiced or deep fried and provides a simple and delicious side dish.

Parantha/Chipati/Roti - A staple starch served with many dishes, this is like a thick tortilla/pita made of whole wheat flower.  They can be served plain, lightly covered in oil, or even stuffed.

Naan - Thank you president's choice for providing a pale comparison to the original in Canadian super markets.  The real stuff is doughy, fluffy, crispy, buttery goodness that absorbs gravies and sauces like a boss.  Fresh out of the Tandoor oven, this is the necessary side dish to any night out.

Murg/Murgh/Murghi - Pronounced 'Moorg', this popular ingredient is the staple of most non-veg dishes.  Especially used in the Panjab region, this tasty bird is widely used in dishes that are Savoury, Spicy, Sweet and Saucy!  Best recommendations are Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken, though there are thousands of recipes.

Paneer - Indian Cottage cheese. Paneer is used as a the vegetarian counterpart in many common dishes.  Things like butter tikka paneer or stuffed paneer parantha's are an easy way to get your protein fix when on the no-fly hindu diet.


  1. hahaha ! Nice to see you guys together again ! Aooo !!