Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm Back!

Just catching my breath. More shortly...

What I have gained in the last 13 days:
  1. The importance of honest and thorough feedback.
  2. The importance of forgetting about minor details or ego and putting the whole before the self.
  3. Public speaking abilities to groups up to 400 people.
  4. A reputation.
  5. Experience to Storm, Form, Norm, Perform, and Adjourn a 7-nationality team in 192 hours.
  6. Confident delivery of 45 minutes sessions on both time-conscious team management and "book, run, record' an efficient team meeting.
  7. A experience based understanding that tired is a state of mind.  You are capable of 100% or 0%.  Completely asleep or completely awake.  Don't sissy dance in the middle.
  8. More hard lessons about managing your current situation and that of many 7000 km away.
  9. A good friend who will find his way back to India after a much needed rest in Singapore.
  10. An globally-experienced mentor who kindly shared some wisdom and will find her way back to Singapore for some much needed rest.

What I have lost in the last 13 days:

  1. A belt, a camera case, an international power adapter and a pair of flip flops. 
  2. Sanity, due to a conservative estimate of 24 hours sleep in the last 192 hours.
  3. Any pre-conceived notion that motivation, performance or results have anything to do with sanity.
  4. At least 5 pounds.
  5. One specific impression that Arya or Derek declared about India.
  6. My patience; which led me to become confused/frustrated with a situation.  
  7. Any caring of personal hygiene or personal needs.  I will shower if told to, sleep when I need to.
  8. A sense that my trainee house is empty.
  9. A direction with my local committee.  I am trying to give autonomy and truly believe the pulse is strong, just waiting to see it showing on the monitor.
  10. Another pair of sunglasses.


  1. How's that for experiential learning! Amazing. Amazing.

  2. "Don't sissy dance in the middle." --> I need to hear more about this.