Saturday, June 25, 2011


I had a very interesting conversation with a veteran AIESECer.  His words of wisdom focused on 'Intrigue".

During our recruitment, I had a personal mission to be as informative as possible with the AIESEC opportunities and structure.  I told friends, family, strangers and peers about all the things that AIESEC offers.  This was an overwhelming sales pitch that few understood.  Good thing I'm passionate.

In an effort to simplify things, here is what I say to someone who has never heard of AIESEC and asks what it does.  Rather than tell them all the ins and outs (which have confused my friends and family), I will only speak from experience.

In 7 short months, I attended youth impact conferences with 300 delegates in both Edmonton and Ottawa. I have traveled to India to teach and recruited a graduate from China to work in Waterloo, Canada.  While in India, I facilitated a 400 person seven day national youth conference with other internationals from Russia, Ukraine, UK, Nigeria and Romania.  I will be flying home through Kenya to attend an international youth conference with 600 delegates. I have connected with hundreds of people through business ideas, leadership thoughts, dancing, drinking and impromptu road trips.

I lead a team of 5 dedicated colleagues to accomplish national and internationally achievements.  My personal network now includes like minded individuals from Brazil, India, Kenya, Ukraine, France, China, and Japan to name a few.  I am supported by my university's Co op program, my university's business school, my university's arts council, our international business program, our city's mayor, CEO's of local businesses, my friends, and most importantly my family.

If you want this experience, or more, then make some time to ask about AIESEC.

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