Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AIESEC as a Co-op Experience

I would like to share this with anyone who is considering pursuing an international co-op job or international working experience.

In order to pursue a job abroad, please review this list.
  1. Making money is not the priority.
  2. Taking a Holiday is not the priority (though weekend trips and 'pre-start date' and 'post-end date' trips are excellent opportunities to explore)
  3. You embrace challenges.
  4. You are adaptable.
  5. You are bilingual or are actively learning a second language.
  6. You will share your experiences.
International co-op opportunities are available to anyone, but not everyone is suited for an international co-op job.  You must realize that working abroad will be considerably different than working locally, offering challenges and rewards that, from personal experience, are widely recognized by your university, your peers, and globally-minded employers.

Working Abroad requires you to step outside your comfort zone and expect the unexpected.

AIESEC as an International Co-op Facilitator

This post was created by Carson Kolberg, 2011 President of AIESEC Laurier, one of 1600 local AIESEC Committees.  AIESEC is a not-for-profit, student-run organization with over 60 years specializing in an international working exchange program.

Through AIESEC, there are a large number of 4 month and 8 month opportunities available.  If you only want to work in Western Europe or Australia, you should probably just stick close to home, because AIESEC requires you to be flexible and open minded.

Some of the greatest opportunities are in developing countries, outside of most people's comfort zones.  But this is where your experience will set you apart.

Your next step, if you choose AIESEC as a platform for finding international working experience, is to attend a AIESEC Exchange Participant Information Session at your local university.

Please explore my Blog for further insight's of an Arts/ Communications Co-op student, and katieshudson.blogspot.com for insight's of a Business student.

Some additional facts:
  • AIESEC facilitates over 10 000 student working internships per year
  • All AIESEC opportunities cover the cost of living in your destination country, but do not cover the cost of flight, insurance, visa, service fee or additional travel.
  • Internships are offered in all fields of Management, Technology, Development and Education
  • China, Brazil, India, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and Colombia are some of our 107 destination countries.
  • Business, Science and Arts Co-Op students all have opportunities to work abroad.

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