Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chabir on a hot Summer's Day

In Chandigarh, a pleasant tradition is carried on.
On especially hot days, a group of individuals will voluntarily gather together to serve a sweet drink to anybody who is thirsty.  Along the sides of the roads, a drink called 'chabir' is prepared in large pots.  According to the local AIESECers, this tradition has very religious roots.  

Along road sides of highways, these booths are set up for individuals trekking across India.  It seems to be a Sikh tradition which carries some elements of good faith your fellow people and to God.  By volunteering their time and preparing this sweet water, people may contribute back to others in need.

Chabir quite literally translates to "sweet".  Though it looks similar to pepto bismol, the flavour is 'flower-like' or 'nectar' like and a much appreciated gesture as the temperature approaches 40 degrees.

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