Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unofficial Chandigarh Tourism Video

I was speaking with a man about travelling and tourism.  I asked where in the world he would like to go.  He paused for a moment, and replied: "Before I take the chance to travel the world, I want to know my own country.  How could I appreciate what else there is before I knew what I have right around me."

Its been two weeks in India, and I feel as though I am living a micro version of his philosophy.  Sure there are a million places to go and a billion people to see, but before venturing off from the city limits, I would like to know what it is that makes Chandigarh 'The Beautiful City'.

I can't promise continuous video updates, but I can promise to continue collecting HD footage whenever and wherever I see fit.  If you leave a comment on the blog, show this blog to a friend, or help me reach 2 000 views (see the counter in the bottom right of the page), I will post another one.

A large number of these people agreed to participate in my antics.  Some of them clearly had no idea what was going on, some were promised to be featured in a small Chandigarh Tourism Video (did not mention unofficial) and some were just excited to see a foreigner.


  1. Hi Carson,

    My name is Rebecca (from NYC), and I'll also be working with AIESEC Chandigarh this summer. Great job on the blog!


  2. Hi Carson,

    I am Michelle from Vancouver, BC. I will also be going on an AIESEC exchange this summer. I love your blog! I'm still in the process of deciding where to go, but your videos are so well done! I am definitely considering AIESEC Chandigarth :)


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