Saturday, June 25, 2011

JFDI List Item: Attend the June National Conference in India

I have just been accepted as 1 of 6 International Facilitators for AIESEC India's June National Conference!

This is an intensive 6 day conference from June 24th to June 29th that draws 400 delegates from across the country and international talent from around the world.

Known as "JNC" this is the biggest national event in the AIESEC India calendar.  The conference is dedicated to the development of Team Leaders and Executive Board Members from AIESEC India and abroad.

Our International Facilitator team includes: Carson Kolberg from Canada, Leo Szivo from UK, Amalia Ghiban from Romania, Katia Kovalchuk from Russia, Laura Nwabia from Nigeria and Yulia Kuzmenko from Ukraine.  We have a combined AIESEC Experience of  15 years and 55 attended AIESEC conferences.

You can live stream in on the Conference at any point:

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