Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Dear Farewell

Hello Everyone,

I know this blog is about my experiences in India, so pardon the temporary departure as I share a more personal note.  Regardless of where you are, life always continues and ends everywhere.

It is with considerable sadness that I bid farewell to our family dog.  At 12 years, one month, I knew that this summer would likely be her last as I departed for this adventure.  I am very happy to have spent time with her before and taking some wonderful pictures.  Emma lived a full and happy life, with summers swimming and playing at cottages, winters getting lost (literally, she was white) in the snow, and far too many afternoons and nights sleeping on couches and beds that she knew were off limits.  This cleverly oblivious animal provided us with headaches, heartaches and plenty of fond memories.

The the choice to have her put to rest was proper as her medical condition would have become severe quickly and lead to considerable pain.  At noon on Saturday, June 4th, 2011, and surrounded comfortably by my family, Emma was put to rest.

Whether in India, or in Canada, this news would have been difficult to learn, but having prepared mentally prior to the departure gives me some comfort.  Knowing that my family and friends are only a click, skype chat or call away also brings plenty of comfort.

Shubh raatri and alvida Emma, you will be missed dearly.

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