Thursday, August 4, 2011

Learn the Language and Getting Around Chandigarh

Some Basic Vocab coming at ch'ya. It took me a couple months to realize that a basic knowledge of Hindi, about 100 words, is necessary to function here.  I have been able to survive off the following, and would recommend developing an awareness of the language before coming to India.  Once you get here, practice makes perfect.  These may not be perfectly spelled or pronounced, just English transliterations.

Being Polite

Please and Thank You: Don't even try the Hindi versions.  Most people just use English for these two expressions.

Greetings and Introductions:
You can even ride elephants in Chandigarh!

Namaste - A more formal greeting.
Aap Kaisi Hai - How are you?
Me Tik hu - I'm fine
Achhe Hai - I'm good
Bahut Badia Excellent
Aapka Nam kee ya haiWhat is your name?
Mera Nam “your Name” – My name is “your name”

Talk about the Weather:

Mosem Acha Hai - The climate is nice today
Bohat Gurmi Hai - Too hot today
Mosem Humus Hai -  Its humid today
Mosem Barish Hai  - Its raining today

Negotiating with the Auto Rickshaw Drivers.

A fact of life here is getting from point a to point b.  Over a 2 month period, you could easily be over-charged an accumulated 5000-10000 Rupees if you aren't prudent on the daily about your travels.  Here is some basic Lingo to get to know:

Kitne? - How Much?
Mujhe rate petta hai - I know the rate
Yahan tak janen ke "number" Rupees lagta hai. - To go to this place it costs on "number" Rupees
Ratt nehi hai, din hai - It is not night now, it is day now
Chello Chellay – Let’s go!
Bayan -Left
Daanyan - Right

One to NineEleven to NineteenTen to Ninety

And you will most likely hear the word "Sau" (sow) every time you ask the price of an auto-rick shaw.  This means one hundred, and also means the price is probably 40.

To further assist with your negotiation tactics, I have put together a basic map.  I have a PDF version of this bad-boy on my phone for quick reference whenever I am out.  Once you can quick reference where you are going vs. where you are, you can start jumping in on group Rick-Shaws.  Jumping a group Rick Shaw on a major route should never cost more than 20 Rupees a person.

Download this and put it on your smartphone.  Or just print it :)


  1. i think u learn many things......i m missing u alot..wid backdays

  2. written material i feel more interseting

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