Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Homestay at Siddhant's

Day two in Chandigarh and I feel well adjusted to my immediate surroundings.

Mansi and her faher, local AIESEC member and proud parent, picked me up from the Airport with flowers and a smile.  This was so comforting to have stepping off the plane into the 35 degree sun and just following a 30 hour trip.  They dropped me off with Siddhant Choudary, LCP of AIESEC Chandigarh, and a couple members of the executive team.

What should you do after all this travel?  Go to see Kung Fu Panda 2 of course.  I enjoyed the action filled fictional-computer animated tail of saving Kung Fu.  And by the way, not only was the theater crazy comfortable, it was also crazy inexpensive compared to the cash we shell out for cinema experiences in Canada!  Also, noticed that you do indeed need buckets of water and fire extinguishers inside a theater (which confirms my childhood fear of the screen catching fire.)  Glad somebody acknowledges this.

For the homestay, I was shown tremendous hospitality from Siddhant and his family.  I delicious meal of roti, dal and Eggs and Peas helped me sleep easy on my first night in India.  A cool air-conditioned room helped me get a great first night sleep and avoid a major jet lagged second day.  Siddhant and I chatted for a while, watched a couple episodes of Big Bang Theory and surfed the internet completing our LCP responsibilities (late into the evening of course).

We were up bright and early the next day, where I helped prepare a breakfast of roti, while Siddhant's cousin brought us lady-fingers (similar to green beens) and curd (simple yoghurt).  All set for the day and quickly adjusted to my immediate surroundings, I was off to meet the Principal of St. Soldier's Divine Public School.

Will Add more pictures to this entry when I find high speed internet at the AIESEC office.


  1. Not having any luck posting a comments, so if you get this three times ... go figure!

    G. gave me this link, and I'm delighted to see you are following your dream this summer. Seems like you are fitting right in. Nice to see you haven't completely turned your back on foodie-ism & are already taking your turn in the kitchen.

    Had lunch with T. at Delta Chelsea today. I will share this link with her, as I'm sure she would love to follow along on your summer adventure.

    Good luck!

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