Monday, May 30, 2011

JFDI Check-Point – Glocalization, the Blurst of Times

Okay, the first officially completed JFDI item is........

“Order the most interesting thing from McDonald’s”

Winner – The Chicken Maharaja Mac!  Follow up recognition to – The Spicy Chicken Paneer.

The “Maharaja Mac” finds itself at the intersection of globalization and local influence, negotiating a cultural identity relevant to foreign travellers and Indian citizens.  Or McDonald’s is just following the universal formula of sugar + fat = hungry desire of those young in age and pre-maturely old at heart, but nonetheless, check it off my list.

On one hand, I can count the number of times I have been to McDonald’s this year, most with Trevor Rauhaula, so this was technically a step outside my “comfort zone”.  The only way I eat McDonald’s again on this trip is I find a menu item so shockingly interesting it demands consumption.

Over three months I sincerely hope to discover, taste and learn to share homemade dishes, unique street meats, and unbelievable restaurants.  India, my palette has touched rock bottom of bastardized imitation food, show me the path to reawaken these taste buds with your true culinary experience. 


  1. You never said if it was good! Did you even eat this big mac wannabe?